--Titles have issued. Only two sites left, get in touch if you're interested 021 50 20 91--

We're creating a vibrant neighbourhood in the coastal community of Haumoana and Te Awanga.

This website is a glimpse into what we're trying to achieve. We’ll be adding more content as the project takes shape. 

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Will Coltart & Andy Coltart  


Our vision

We bought this land on East Road over six years ago. We were drawn to the Cape Coast as we recognised the values that we are passionate about, being outstanding natural landscapes, and a vibrant community living amongst them. 

Our vision won't be finished when we hand over these sites, but rather in 10 years time when the houses age and the landscaping matures.

We've carefully planned to make sure the materials and designs are complimentary to those in use in the area, and more importantly, they will age and weather well, rather than become dated. Our Design Guidelines specify materials and design features traditionally used in coastal architecture, including timber cladding, wide soffits, covered verandahs, and pitched roofs. 

 Example of coastal architecture.  Credit: Historical Concepts Architecture.

Example of coastal architecture. Credit: Historical Concepts Architecture.

Click through our Houzz ideabook below to see some of the architecture we'd like to reference.

Our sites

Our sites are all generous in size, ranging from 1,200m2 to 3,000m2. This allows decent spacing between the houses, and plenty of land for garages and outbuildings. 

All the sites face into NNW, which is the optimum angle for orientating your house to enjoy the sun, whilst sheltering from the summer sea breeze. 

East Road.jpg

The Cape Coast

It's awesome out here. 200m to the Pacific Ocean. The limestone pathways start immediately, and circulate you either direction along the coast to the wineries, surf breaks, Tukituki River, and all the other outstanding landscapes you can enjoy recreationally in the area. 

 The Tukituki lagoon with Haumoana surf break in the background. 

The Tukituki lagoon with Haumoana surf break in the background. 

What you won't see

You won't see garage doors opening right onto the street, unfriendly 1.8m solid fences on the street front, or be able to see what your neighbours are watching on TV. You won't see summit stone brick or shiny pressed-metal tile roofing. We're not against any of these, we just don't feel they have a part to play in this neighbourhood.


Whats currently happening? Titles have issued. Lot 7 and Lot 11 are the only sites left, get in touch if you're interested or 021 50 20 91.  

Is this site subject to any HBRC Coastal Hazard Zoning? No.

What happens to the new road? Its vested with the Hastings District Council.

What other developments have you completed? Riverside, The Poplars, and Euchre Farm, all in the Tuki Valley. 


For further information call Bayleys, either Fi Mackenzie +64 21 96 8880